Friday, February 6, 2009

Welcome 2009

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and New year.
I wish you all a happy and healthy 2009.

Well I can't believe that it is already Febuary. Christmas and new years have just come and gone so fast. Harrison is now 8mths he has started crawling and standing I don't think that it will be long before he is off walking around the house.
Over the holidays I have found it a little hard to get much work done.
I have so many new ideas and designs that I want to try out.


I have been excepted into Mathlida's Market this market is a fabulous niche market that offers unique, stylish and affordable baby and kids wares that are lovingly handmade.

It will be held on the 22 March 2009 at St Ignatius Collage Tambourine Bay Rd Lane Cove.

So come and visit me and check out there webiste.

Monday, December 8, 2008

December Cobbitty Markets

Well the turn out for the December markets was great. It was a very hot summers day however that didn't stop the crowd's from coming out for the day.

I have some new additions to my range and they include Softies.

Above is Donkey and he sells for only $30.00

Hippo again $30.00

Bunny $30.00

And Bear $30.00

I also have a new counting canvas range that is hand stiched and streach onto canvas.

They sell for only $52.00 for a set of 3 each canvas is 12"x12".

If you would like to purchase any of my items please e-mail me at

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

November Cobbitty Markets

Well the corner shoppe is taking off really well. I have another lot of orders and the response has been very positive. My best seller by far would have to be the Taggie blankets. From what I hear , taggie blankets are all the rage in the UK and it seems they are starting to take off here. YEAH!

Harrison 5tmhs is showing just how much he loves his taggie blanket. They are so easy to wash and I place them straight into the dryer.

This is the new layout of my little corner shoppe and I just love it. It's so cute we have just added a small tent onto my mothers very lage tent and it's just enough room for me and my little creations.

There are 3 new additions to my November Market.

The ABC blocks priced at $30.00 for the 3 however I also do them with childrens names on the $10.00 per block or 5 or more letters at $8.00 per block.

The bandanna bibs (they have terry towling on the back) $8.00 each.

Burp cloths $15.00 each.

I'm looking forward to Decembers Market as I have a few other things that I want to create. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Emily's Wedding

On Saturday the 18/10/08 was my little sister Emily's wedding to Joe. It was beautiful the weather was great and so was the day although there were a few times my sister almost lost it the day was just lovely. It was held up in the Blue mountians in Leura on the grounds of the fairmount resort. Her dress was just amazing and she looked beautiful in it.

This is a photo of the girls and me. I did each one of their hair do's along with the brides and the flower girls. Let's just say that I was buggered to say the very least. However they looked beautiful and the hair stayed up all night.

I made cookies for the guest staying at the resort that night.

It was a great day and night. It was a lovely oppitunity to catch up with family from SA.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Corner Shoppe (Cobbitty markets)

The above photo shows a closer view of the bunting each flag has a letter spelling the name of the child. The bunting sells at $5.00 a flag + $2.00 a letter however can also be sold without letters.
The love heart girls baby modile is sold for$38.00 each and baby onesies are $12.00 each

These are taggie blankets Harrison just loves them he enjoys chewing on the tags and exploring the different textured tags. It haw become his fav blanket.

This image just shows that I have made them with terry towling (terrycloth)

great for spills or spit up.

The soft blocks and Bunting were a huge sucess I have a few orders for the blocks. Boys and Girls are sold for $18.00 a block. They come with 2 designs on them.

Saturday was my 1st Cobbitty market with my new baby line and it was a success. YEAH!
Everybody loved the onesies and soft blocks along with the tuggie blankets.
Let me know what you think about my range.
I have also some new lines coming for Nov including burp cloths.

I would love to see you all there next month it's on the 1st Sat of each mth (next market on the 1/11) located at Cobbitty Primary cobbitty rd Cobbitty.

  • Bunting $5.00 oer flag + $2.00 per letter.
  • Bibs double sided and terrycloth both $8.00 each
  • Soft blocks 2 designs per block $18.00
  • Onesies outfits sz 0 & 00 $12.00
  • Taggie blankets $25.00
  • Baby Rattles $8.00 each
  • Baby tummies rattles $15.00
  • Baby boys and girls mobiles $38.00

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Getting ready for Cobbitty

Well over the weekend I have been working hard on my stock for the cobbitty markets and I'm so excited. Hope it goes well. Here is a small example of some of the work I will be selling.
I hope people like it and it sells well. I have so much more stuff to show I will be taking photos on the day so will post them next week.
My sister is getting married on the 18/10 and has started getting really worried that she won't be able to do everything. But I have no doubt that she will complete eveything prior to the date and that the wedding will be the greatest sucess. She just needs to reduce her stress load. I have to post some photos of the hens night it was very funny.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

1st time blogger

Hi there well I finally did it created my own blog site. How proud I am right now. For all thoes who don't know me I can't spell so I'm just putting it out there...

So today I'm rather excited I'm going to my friends place Jodi as she is going to help me complete my son's Christening invites. We have just gotten our photos of Harrison's photo shoot and love them I asked Jodi if she wouldn't mind helping me design the invits around the photos and she has agreed YEAH!.

This week has been so busy as I have been excepted into the Cobbitty Markets and my 1st market is on the 4th of Oct so I don't have much time to get as much stock completed as possible. I'm so excited to see what people think of my work and if it is going to sell.